Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Scarf Chace, Wacthes Watch & Stalking.

Was the right thing to do.
Adventure of the day.
Lucky brings luck.
Unlucky brought hope.

Friday 23rd May

Happy to White with you.
You were white.
You were right.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

His Triangulum Theory

He should be sorry for the fact he did,
became so bold and defy reality.
He should be silly for the words he spits,
becoming so akward and fooling all irony.
I can see the triangulum as theory,
Yes they did fits my word, Uneasy.

We all throw up.
We all threw you down.

So I just wander from this land,
Judging irony and fantasy.
For You are my crowned wisdom,
don,t fool your throne, with plain mercy's stupidity.


I din't counted the hours,
but it felt so long when we live it,
and it felt so short when i recalled it.

I din't know whether the stair rocks when we climb,
or we were holding on eachother, fright of falling or fright for the fear.

But i knew it was wholesome, wholemeal, and jolly good.
We were in it together, with it through after, and singing and laughter.

Apart of me, and part of you.

Dead & White Friday, 16th May

Blurry haze over the city.
But it was bright sunny.
Felt dreamy like the milky way.
And it was just my perfect day.

Heavy clingings flews away,
as i stood dead and acted blindly.

Happy to see u in white,
happy to feel u in white,
happy to White with you,
on Friday the 16th.

Monday, May 4, 2009

The Hands That Rocks The Water Tank

Its been long,
through summer, through winter,
fullfilling the tank..
high up, greater altitude.

Overwhelmed by the still of the spring.
To the point of it ripple's,
rippling by the breathe...

Was that probabbly the wind that blews..
Or was it just my feeling through.

That Hands