Monday, June 28, 2010

Once Upon

* You were Driving Back Home. . . .

There was an accident.
There were no injuries.
We were suppose to heal...
We were'nt suppose to kneel..

I did'nt know how could your rain falls,
How had it fills in..
Inking your thoughts. *

Nobody drew the line,
It curves and it curves,
and it curves.

And it curves.
And it curves.

and it . . .

Monday, March 22, 2010

Wandering In A 3-Feet Maze

I have reach a better height.
To see the whole field through..
this Maze.

The adventure were estimated fun,
Were legendary awesome,
were merely hearsay.

Its the path I thought I would enjoyed being lost,
that I thought it is fun to face dead ends,
that I thought it's made from roses but fake bouqet,
that I thought were the beauty of this trick.

I don't know where to go from here,
I can see the few paths- out,
I can see the few open fields,
I can see the maze growing lower..

But my feet are still on the ground,
Back & Forth on the familiar route,
Wondering the necessity to venture new hallways,
to enter new heights,
for there might be a greener field inside.

Friday, March 19, 2010

See Saw

If U See What I Saw


Out Of The Sea

& Into My Diner's Spotlight



Theme : Homemade Accidents
Application : Unknown
Material : Unidentified

Thursday, March 18, 2010


Flying 26th March

Friday, February 26, 2010

Dark Idea

* I knew the burn-out bulbs all these while would mean one thing or another.

I chose, another.


I knew I could do something out of the Ikea packaging's waste.

Idea Shopping

We spend A few week's end shopping.

Of ideas for the taking.

With the eyes which could afford,

to pay for the needle in the haystack.

Out from the box.
Ideas are up for the taking.
As we spent those few week's end, shopping.

* Lets do this again.

It Was This Time Last Year : 18th February

When I Hold Your Hand.

When I Hung The Dream.

When I Open Your Book.

Where I Sunk My Face.

Where I thought I should be.

ANNUAL of You & Me


The ruffles aren't necessary.

Looks fun but dodgily ugly.

Looks lame but actually timeless.

When It is right, it feels nice, & look awesome.

But I don't see ruffles everywhere.

Only under my sleeve.

* * * * *


Valentine - 14th FEB

Is When You Are Not Mad At Me.

The End Review

Drinking from a breaking Glass would risk a bloody absorption,
Writing on a Shredding Paper would make you writes bigger,

Things were not on par were such a disaster.
Things were not levelled is such a brain teaser.

U may hate me as much as I hate you.
And I will hate you as much as U hate me.

The least that we will be on par.
We were at equilibrium.

At Last.
And Begin.

Fathers Trip


This is the thing that I enjoy doing.
Presuming You enjoyed the ride,
Presuming You expected the height,
Presuming You see what I'ved sighted.


I Wan't more often of this,

as I shoudn't Be this far,
I shouldn't be this Silent,
I shouldn't grew unnoticed,
I shouldn't be what Im not.


This is what your evening snacks fill me,
What your daily ride brought me,
What your hunting trip cathes me,

I weren't there for mom.

This is What her drawings, drawing me,
Where her hands, holding me,
What her cooks, nourishes me,
What her pains, heals me,

What time has treasured.

We dint went that far,
But it was wide, was bright,
Fractures of glad & overwhelmed releives.



Arifdani 27th Jan 2010

The Elder Brother Fifth Child.

First Son.

First Grandson.

First Boy Nephew.

* & I went shopping as like the boy is mine.


I Had Once Visioned Making This,
I Have Dreamt About Making This,

Nature Promotion..
Love Re Rendered..

* Cameron's Best Storytelling
Emotional Scenescapes.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

2010 - Breathe Out

Turn On The Lights.
Its A New Familiar Color.

* New Year Note. Take A Deep breath in.

Time To Breathe Out.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Sickening Parasites.
Hung on to me like that that itch after a long shower...

I don't work to cover your ass.
I don't earn to lay the pillow before your head.
& I don't trasure your shits and smiles.

Go On with your blood suckings... You will profited my bloody blessings.
I dont deal with trash & parasites...

I just don't dwell,

I don't lay out grins,
I'm just counting on your cents,
Pity on your senses.


Inside Secured Closure

November Incidences

Things Are Well with Hearts.
Things Are Well with Heatlh.
Things Are Quite Well with Past Months, Days & Hourly Events.

Up to this moment, the Joyride glides firm,
on matte surface,
and low easy going velocities.

*Velocities varies.