Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Sickening Parasites.
Hung on to me like that that itch after a long shower...

I don't work to cover your ass.
I don't earn to lay the pillow before your head.
& I don't trasure your shits and smiles.

Go On with your blood suckings... You will profited my bloody blessings.
I dont deal with trash & parasites...

I just don't dwell,

I don't lay out grins,
I'm just counting on your cents,
Pity on your senses.


Inside Secured Closure

November Incidences

Things Are Well with Hearts.
Things Are Well with Heatlh.
Things Are Quite Well with Past Months, Days & Hourly Events.

Up to this moment, the Joyride glides firm,
on matte surface,
and low easy going velocities.

*Velocities varies.


Last Resort for A Long Cold Night.
ReBooting Insanities.