Friday, February 26, 2010

Fathers Trip


This is the thing that I enjoy doing.
Presuming You enjoyed the ride,
Presuming You expected the height,
Presuming You see what I'ved sighted.


I Wan't more often of this,

as I shoudn't Be this far,
I shouldn't be this Silent,
I shouldn't grew unnoticed,
I shouldn't be what Im not.


This is what your evening snacks fill me,
What your daily ride brought me,
What your hunting trip cathes me,

I weren't there for mom.

This is What her drawings, drawing me,
Where her hands, holding me,
What her cooks, nourishes me,
What her pains, heals me,

What time has treasured.

We dint went that far,
But it was wide, was bright,
Fractures of glad & overwhelmed releives.



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