Friday, March 6, 2009


Was being hit again with this song.

To remember those days when Nature was the WORLD to me. Play ground of soil, sand, twigs and the strong branches.

When today, the City seem to be the World to most of us, play ground with status, style, smokes and all the intricacies.

Now Earth and all the five elements are known to degrade. 
Soils turns to dust, water turns to death/ icebergs collapses, fire soaring wild, wind brings bad news, spurs of hear-says and cyber crimes.

And loves turns to lust.

That Day, we will all die together, with our loved ones, and with The Earth that we loved.

Isn't it just nice, better that dying alone, on bed, car crashes or the stab in the heart.

*Hijau, Zainal Abidin.


  1. hmm.. orang tua memang suka kehijauan..

  2. syso - we better start recycling, recycle our deeds.