Monday, March 23, 2009

*Nikki, Hawa

It was an ensemble of all the right tunes to my ear.
In this right time of the year.
And projecting along with it, is much more enjoyful.

* Personal takes:

Heard that Catchy Uh-Oh's but ain't a bad sign. Was as strong and even punchier.
I can see myself head nodding and throw myself some self-choreographs, and runs out of breath right after.
Afterall it is a girl's anthem,average bitchin' which is necessary.
Was fun, like a wake up song, after a dreamy sleep.

Cool edges.
This sets in my mood, right when it hits.
I just loves guitar driven vibes. It's refreshing to hear the drumbeats and crisp voices combines. It has a rock glitz with some cheeky twist.
Kinda sweet and raw. A quick sing a long.

Melodramatic. The emotions was thorough.
Im not a fan of ballads but this make a quick entry.
Can easily fit the mood, lyric was straight forward and it's just soothing.
Plain frank lyric and whisperings. Fun to sing along after a fun breakups.
My favourite vocals excerxise. It is. Not odd.

Furtado, Spears and the likes.
Colorful dynamics and i would put this on my earphones, while dancing in the club.
Would actually work.
It's a dark song with a twist of eerieness and sexy moves. Favourite.
Balanced arrangemened, after all I just want to hear the vocal to work the charm.
Im imagining a raunchy futuristic videos, with tight spandex and rainbow ponytails.

Slight country-esque, wasn't that appealing for the first time.
I skipped the play cos it was a night drive, just doesnt seems right.
But after a third play, i can almost sings out through.
Miraculous that i loved this, 'If I Were A Boy' is a close match, in term of the mood and the conscious level.
Nikki wrote this.

We see some selling points.
It was an absurd chic merge of classic ingredients for a modern day brunch recipe.
Hot tango-ish with chilling intervals. This is actually The Sounds that ive been searching, surfing, you-tubing for, and for Nikki to do this, it was essentially That Cherry On Top.
To hear an Italian singer to do this is just lame, but Nikki being able to pull such versatility is just admired.
U just want more of this.
I mean I do.

It doesn't sounds that Mariah. And if it was, it better be.
I just love the plain prayers, wishes and that eager of world peace.
Its just sounds so sinsere and made the song worth play. Catchy and dreamy.
Was on airplay just now, it's a sweet song u want to sing on rainy days.
Or when u are all alone overseeing the haze over the city skyline.
At times its just as sweet as Spice Girls 'Mama', to some extent.

This songs ties together the ballad mood for the whole album.
A tad bit like the previous one, this is strong but easy, manage to sing along, the slow part is as fun synching with the fast ones.
I wander what happens if there could be more falsetto vocals for that backups, that would add more of Nikki's punch into it.
What would make it that personal.
At this point, i am convinced, Its the voice that carries the job.

An everyday song, a unique everyday song, lyric was balanced poetic and direct.
Simple arrangement's made interesting with sincere words and bold delivery.
Don't know how others felt listening to it, like a classic r&b jazz or something. Attitude wise.

An english version of 1 .
Could have been even fun if they work out a total different lyric/ theme and delivery by this English version.
A totally different song with same arrangements would be nice.
Personally, let it be That good in Malay and translations felt a little seconder for me. I wonder if they come up with the English version first or versa.

Know where to find a true Classic in Malay?
Actually waiting for this since 1993. A very cool attempt indeed.
Breaking the wall of whatsoever.
Refreshingly an easy climax for me, and was worthy shot.
Short,precise and treasury valuable. It's like the only Oyster u gonna had in that Fine Dinner.
It was rather surreal, the projections sounds just bonechilling, no matter how they made it, but i wish for more of this. Come on.

Right after the frenzy deep intense moments in the previous, this flows in.
It doesnt went wrong.
I dont really know if someone else could pull and ooze this any better but it's just as breezy and sweet like the original score.
Tranqualizing smooth and the over statement One could make will be like "Finally im in Heaven".


  1. projecting along with it?...i didn't know u have the ability to sing like that...

  2. hehehe... wow.. u never let me hear it..

  3. haha. lamaa lagiii. just keep it to myself

  4. love this too! best ever made!
    read mine,