Thursday, April 30, 2009

Midnight Versus Shadow

Dark Nights are Shining Black,
Quiet Floor are Tiny Rumbles,
Cold Views are Grinning Sight.

Went back from a long day out,
Having that unpleasnt feeling upon returning home alone,
... to that statuette state,
imprisoned & negligences.

* * *

U came by suprise.
Where did you came from?
How did You found yourself cosy in here?

U acted like you were really at home.
U acted like we have known eachother.

& That was perfect.

A Perfect Midnight.

Versus Shadow


  1. that's a frog if im not tat mistkn. hhaha

  2. my beauty gene!
    my lil'black beauty!

  3. hehe..Now dah ada kucing... coolness... so one of u dah berana kucing plak~ wow.. hebat~

  4. haha. semua pemberian dari yang Esa. semuanya.
    yang terbaik. yang buruk. semuanya.

  5. huiyoo blig bling. mcm puff diddy kucing nih