Monday, April 20, 2009


The most colorful events with unprecedented sensibilities.
The density of the high and low emotions are kept juggled within just the right intervals. Of course. Which really excites.
Apart from unbalance actings and the glimpse of artificialities in the tid bitses,(we humans are just that aren't we?) it was as remarkable as re-breathing that fresh air that you can only afford to remember.
As much close to real norms and stigmas, it was carried out as light as the general mass could relate and comfortably deep enough to make it heart-felt worthy without being that much heavy.
Sweet as usual, it is essentially a display of tales and times and a generous potraits of our new talents.
I manage to shed tears.
For so many reasons...
While screening, after watching, and through thinking about it.
For so many reasons.



  1. awak lain lah
    awak ...awak jika gagal
    awak tetap akan dapat bantuan kannn !!

    ( baca style kahoe )

  2. salah ke klu i cine mata sepet? ngee

  3. Haha. Shaky sgt scene tu.

    Tak salah kan. Ada yang cari. Ada yang jumpa.